Weight Loss After Baby Is Born Tips

After the baby is born, it’s hard to imagine having your pre-baby body back. Breastfeeding, the strains of pregnancy and birth: These play a role in how you feel. Starting slowly, with a real plan, makes it easy to put negative feelings and weight into your past. Eating reasonably, especially while breastfeeding, and starting with walking for exercise will help put you on the right path, so you can begin more arduous workouts and sensible dieting after you adjust to breastfeeding and the demands of motherhood.

If all those images of svelte and shapely celebrity new moms have left you feeling like you never want to look in a mirror again, take heart! Here’s some real-world advice on how to get your body back after pregnancy.

It sometimes seems as if they’re jumping right from the labor bed to the treadmill with many high-profile celebrity new moms snapping back from pregnancy with a model-perfect shape in almost no time!

Indeed, take a look at Katie Holmes, Angelina Jolie, Melania Trump, Heidi Klum, and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham — whose record-time baby-fat weight loss has set the bar high for new moms the world over.

But is it realistic — or for that matter even healthy — to slim down after pregnancy with such lightening speed?

Experts offer up a resounding “No!” Click this link to finish reading Get Your Body Back After Pregnancy.

No matter how eager you are to lose your baby fat, experts caution against any activities that put major stress on your joints — such as jogging, jumping, or running — for at least six to eight weeks. Why?

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